About Me

Well in the professional sense, I am a Corporate Trainer & Dance instructor. However, there's more to any person than that! I am a fun-loving, free spirited individual who aims at spreading happiness by encouraging people to get in touch with their true nature and live life to the fullest.

I was always curious about human relationships and it's complexities which led me to studying Human Psychology. Having completed my Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology, I worked in the field of Human Resource Management and Training & Development for over 5 years. I now work as an independent corporate trainer and use an unconventional approach to create an environment for participants to become uninhibited and explore their limitless potential. Combining my knowledge in the field of psychology, spirituality and passion for dancing, I have developed experience and art based interventions to impart training in areas such as team building, leadership, management, stress-reduction and developing interpersonal skills.

Early on in life, I had discovered my passion towards dance. Dancing at birthday parties and school functions made me realise how much I love it and I decided to start training in dance at the age of 10. I learned dance styles such as jazz, funk, hiphop, contemporary throughout my school years. Later on, I started training in dance forms such as salsa, bachata, jive, samba, cha-cha, Belly dance, etc and taught these styles for over 12 years in Pune.

In my quest for inner transformation, I studied and worked with different spiritual teachers and practitioners. This experience encouraged me to follow my heart and start working towards pursuing my dreams fearlessly.

In 2018, I started an independent dance company- Dance It Out! The idea behind this venture is very simple- no matter how you feel, just Dance It Out!

" Walk fearlessly with an open heart and everything will follow " - Pooja Goel