Dance It Out

Dance It Out was started by me in the year 2018 as a step towards promoting physical and mental well being through the medium of dance. Moving to music is like meditation- an individual is completely present and aware of himself while dancing. All distractions are eliminated, and one can truly learn to enjoy the present moment while moving.

As I wanted to share this experience with people, I started with Bollywood Fitness Classes where individuals move to the tunes of popular Bollywood Songs having different flavours. They are able to express themselves freely and let go off any inhibitions holding them back. It's also a great cardio that comprises of 60 minutes of nonstop movement. To summarise it - this class is like a party! No matter how your day goes, just come and Dance It Out!

Apart from this, we also conduct Salsa & Bachata workshops where people can gain exposure to dancing with a partner. These forms require more dedication and training but once mastered, it is the most beautiful experience two people can share.

We also organize Bollywood & Hiphop workshops wherein we invite artists from different cities to train people in their area of expertise.

Watch this space for details about our classes & workshops!

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